Make Your Own Beer Bottle Candles

 I’m still on the DIY home decor trend to find ideas for my house and one thing I think is essential to turning a house into my home is having lots of candles. I keep them all over every place I’ve lived in no matter where I am in the world. At the start of this summer, I made scented soy candles for the first time and I began thinking of different containers to store them in other than the typical tin or jar. Logically, I took to the internet for inspiration and found a simple method for cutting bottles and using them as drinking cups. Right away I thought, hey, this would be a cute and stylish way to make my own scented candles for my home. This project was a bit time-consuming but it was fun and simple. So, whether making creative drinking cups or cool candles grabs your interest, this video will show you how to do it! 

Tutorial Video


What You’ll Need:

(*Gloves & goggles for safety if you’re a cautious person like me*) 

Bottle Cutting


Scented Soy Candles

  Let me know how it goes, good luck! 🙂  XO,Jas