How I Spent My One-Month Off-Season

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and naturally once I get overseas and prepare for a new season and new adventures, I feel the urge to update. But first, I’ll fill in the blank of how I spent the month of  September.


As some of you already know from the announcement over the summer, I was added to the pool of players for the USA Basketball Women’s National Team. We were knocked out of the WNBA playoffs early and as  disappointed as I was about that, I was looking forward to the NT training camp. Unfortunately, when I returned home I found out that I would need oral surgery and a sinus procedure that I could no longer put off. The recovery was uncomfortable and required 10 days of rest without any strenuous exercise or heavy lifting, meaning I would not be attending camp.On the bright side, my surgery went well, everything healed perfectly and my two teammates– Layshia Clarendon and  Morgan Tuck– won the 2018 World Cup gold medal!! <3

Home is Where Ya Heart Is

When my WNBA season ended, I didn’t know that I’d have my first “off-season” (yes, I’m referring to one full month as an off-season not a break) in five years. It was a blessing I didn’t know I needed. I was able to take care of my health, rest my body and spend time actually living in my house.I always talk about how much I love to DIY so time home allowed me to get a few things done around the house including two crafty projects.

SoulCyclecyclingLifeTime FitnessLifeTimeLifeTimeyogaYoga with AdrieneOllie and I have now been in Poland for 8 full days. Bella didn’t make the  trip because she has some (non-life-threatening) health issues that make staying with my parents safer and easier for her (and me). Thank God for my parents and joint custody! They really love Bella as much as I do.Anyway, I’m living in Polkowice, Poland playing for the defending Polish league champion CCC Polkowice (as in CCC Bags and Shoes, the largest footwear retailer and manufacturer in Europe). Of  course, our club has the same goal to win the Polish league but we also hope to perform better in Euroleague this season. We have a talented roster, great coaching staff and management with all the resources a team needs to be successful. We played our first Polish game well below our potential with an incomplete roster and won by 40. My teammates are great people and have been awesome so I’m really excited for this season!Overall, I’m really enjoying my setup. The city is small but has everything I need. My apartment is walking distance to our gym and in the center of  everything. It’s in a new building, modern and the furnishings are so homey. I have a brand new Toyota C-HR, it’s a cute little hybrid crossover. I’m just a 1.5 hour drive from Wroclaw, about 3.5 hours from Prague and 3 hours from Berlin. It’ll be a busy season with the added travel from Euroleague, but you better believe when our schedule (and my body) allow it I’ll be exploring!Last thing, I hope everyone registered to vote for the midterm elections! Please be aware that voting policies/deadlines vary by state. Click HERE for information in your state! Send in your absentee ballot or prepare to visit polls on November 6th! Surely, we understand now more than ever just how important it is!! I sent my absentee ballot in before I left.Well, that’s all I have for y’all for now. Next time you hear from me I’ll be an AUNT ahh! :)XO,Jas