Farmers’ Market Finds

Off days are the days I do things I don’t usually have time for. I usually explore, do projects, take short trips or all of the above. I’m a big fan of farmers’ markets and I look for them everywhere I go. I’m used to living near a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods which helps me buy the things I look for at farmer’s markets when I’m not near any. Unfortunately, where I live in Connecticut there aren’t either of those stores within 40 minutes of my apartment. Luckily, I’ve researched a short list of farmer’s markets in the area. I was able to get to my first one today — the Ledyard Farmer’s Market. It’s a smaller market than the size of the ones I’m used to in bigger cities but I was happy I could still find the essentials. For fun, I picked up a sunflower or two and couldn’t help but get a few pictures. They’re my favorite!!

The Sunflower

The sunflower is my favorite flower because the sunflower’s buds always follow the sun and the appearance of the flower resembles the sun. Yellow is my favorite color and I just think they are beautiful. The reason I call it my soul flower is because of the various cultural and religious meanings of the flower. It symbolizes longevity, loyalty, intelligence and happiness — qualities I have, respect and try to give to others.What farmers’ markets do you all recommend near Norwich, Connecticut? Are there any stores that are similar to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods? Let me know!XO,Jas