The Kicks4Kay Sneakerball was an incredible night and something I have been looking forward to for over a year. Due to my personal connection, this specific charity has always been near and dear to my heart. I’m so thankful to have hosted an evening about honoring such strong and empowering women facing ALL types of cancers. My passion for fashion and my love for sneakers inspired the idea of incorporating sneaker culture into this event, which surely exceeded my expectations. Everyone rose to the occasion in their freshest kicks!

I absolutely loved seeing not only everyone’s creative black-tie outfits but especially all the stylish kicks strutting down the fabulous pink carpet! We enjoyed delicious eats and inspiring keynote speeches during the event, recognizing such strong and gritty women and benefitting the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.  I am thrilled to announce that we raised over $25,000 from ticket sales, sponsors, cash donations, and the online auction, which is wholly donated to the Fund–wow!! It truly warmed my heart to see so many individuals dedicating their time to honor a charity in which I’m so invested. Overall, Kicks4Kay was everything I could have hoped for, and it will continue to grow. The only way to explain the feeling I have is blessed. I’m blessed to use my platform to help women in all facets of life. 

Along with the successful Kicks4Kay Sneakerball, I was fortunate to attend Quinnipiac and Fairfield University as a speaker on the Kay Yow Cancer Fund Empowerment tour. The Kay Yow Cancer Fund describes that the Empowerment tour “provides a way to plug in with a younger generation, encouraging them to use their platform and influence to have difficult conversations about cancer and to share follow-up resources provided by the Fund. Through the Tour, the Fund’s goal is to reach thousands of people and community members nationwide” ( Being included in this fantastic Tour was the exclamation point for announcing my official role as a National Brand Ambassador for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund! 

As an ambassador, I will be able to “promote women’s health equity, unify the sports community to break down barriers to quality cancer healthcare, and educate and empower the next generation to lead both inside and outside their own families and communities” ( The entire weekend was so inspiring, and I’m honored to represent the Fund as I continue my work to spread awareness about women’s healthcare and health equity.